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Lotus ColumbariumThe Lotus Columbarium is an eternal sanctuary of Bliss Gardens. It is designed based on the artistic conception of “Amitabha Sutra” and the natural landscape depicted in Feng Shui ancient books, integrated with modern architecture. Totally extraordinary in defining the ancient times today.

The Lotus Columbarium is also designed based on concept of classical lotus “double panel” with indoor lighting in order to create a tranquil, peaceful and homelike ambience.

Here, may your love and memories are recollected with everlasting blessings……

Single Lotus Columbarium Niche with the price from RM9,000.00 to RM16,800.00
Double Lotus Columbarium Niches with the price from RM15,800.00 to RM30,800.00

Contact us at 03-51916663 and enjoy at least 18% pre-order offer! A pre-need plan for the farewell of life.


Lotus Columbarium
Lotus Columbarium