Founder Information


Founder & Managing Director – Dato’ Vincent Lim


Dato’ Vincent Lim was born in a small town in Negeri Sembilan. Due to his impoverished family background, he could not further his education after finishing his high school. Undeterred by this, he decided to seek work in the bustling capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Here, Dato’ Lim began his construction career working from lowest level in the construction site. He worked so diligently that his impressive efforts earn …. who further gave him more responsibilities. Besides work, he also studied part-time at night and successfully obtained his Diploma in Civil Engineering and Master in Business Administration.

Relying on his unrelenting hard work, Dato’ Lim established his own construction business Pembenaan Melangkah Maju Sdn Bhd in 1983; 12 years later in 1995, Dato’ Lim penetrated property development field starting with Twin Valley Property Sdn Bhd, Antawaris Sdn Bhd and Mefara Sdn Bhd, developing apartment, terrace houses and commercial centres.

In 2007, Dato’ Lim invested in the field of memorial park and established Bliss Corporation Sdn. Bhd in 2009. In 2011, Twin Valley Property Sdn. Bhd. officially became Twin Valley Holdings Berhad.

Dato’ Lim started from nothing to a successful developer who is renowned for his stable, practical, honest and responsible work ethics.

In addition to his successful career, Dato’ Lim contributes generously and unceasingly to the Chinese education, social welfare, charity, and Buddhist activities. Dato’ Lim was the Chairman of the Parents-Teachers-Association (PTA) in Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Taman Rashna Klang and during his tenure he helped the primary school to build a multipurpose hall, four-storey classrooms and a canteen.

Since 1999, Dato’ Lim is the President of the Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS). Under his leadership, SABS has grown from having activities in a shop house into a huge and splendid Buddhist Temple in Bukit Rimau with a built-up of 60,000 plus square feet. Dato’s leadership and dedication to this development is much admired.

Ever since Dato’ Lim is involved in the Shah Alam Buddhist Society, he has led in the recital of the Amitabha Sutra for at least ten years.   Because of this recital, Dato’ Lim started thinking of the Western Pure Land cemetery blueprint.   He strongly believed that a person’s life is hard to get. Therefore, every one’s life is precious with memories to be treasured.

After many years of planning, an official licence to develop and manage Shah Alam U14 cemetery was granted in 2010. The Bliss Gardens was born. This success is not incidental and much of its success comes from Dato’ Lim’s hard work, prior successes and previous work in the government’s projects which has earned him a strong credibility in this field.

Under the guidance of Dato’ Lim, Bliss Gardens will be another successful and impressive classical memorial park.