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Bliss Gardens covers an area of 40 acres, facing the ups and downs of mountains and lakes. This whole blessed land is built along the natural mountain to retain its original geography. The architecture of Bliss Gardens has a round-oriented design, which signifies harmony, completeness and a never-ending life. Besides, it is environment-friendly and surrounded by greenery, so that not only the ancestral spirits may rest in peace in a solemn and peaceful surrounding, but the visitors will feel comfortable as well, as to soothe their sorrow and treasure the memory of dearly departed forever…

Bliss Gardens is a garden-like memorial park with the fusion of natural Feng Shui and modern design. It is built along the mountain and located at U14 Shah Alam nearby Setia Alam and Setia City Mall which are developing vibrantly in recent years. It is only a few miles away from the Klang city center. A strategic location, just as a blooming lotus within the bustling city. Plus, it is linked by numerous main roads and highways, which ensures a congestion-free and pleasant drive.

Bliss Gardens is a permanent memorial park approved and gazetted by the Selangor Government, and also the second memorial park in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur which successfully registered the “Interest Scheme” under SSM. Under the regarding ordinance, the permanent maintenance fees paid by the customer will be guaranteed for the sustainable management of memorial park from generation to generation.

Why choose Bliss Gardens ?

  • A legitimate memorial park approved by government
  • A strategic location with convenient transportation
  • Having a guaranteed sustainable management under the Interest Scheme of SSM
  • A natural and blessed land
  • An elegant garden-like memorial park with beautiful scenery