Bliss Care

淨乐关怀 Bliss Care is another manifestation of Bliss Corporation Sdn. Bhd. towards life caring service, offering a holistic life bereavement service.
The core values of Bliss Care are: truth, kindness and beauty
Truth, is the demeanor of the company’s personality, sincerity and integrity;
Kindness, is the pursuit of the service quality, perfection and properness;
Beauty, is the sublimation of good taste, ethics and etiquette.
We see the dearly departed off using “love” and “tenderness”, ensuring the loved ones a solemn and complete end.


1.1 Life Contract

Life contract refers to the pre-planning of a person before his or her final moment.

Why is pre-planning so important?

In this era of low birth rate and aging population, should we have our “love” or “debt” left behind? In the journey of one’s final moment, should it be a complete and gentle process, or a panic situation that one will be exploited by bad company in the name of “filial piety”?

We should not learn about the last lesson of life at the last minute. When the time our loved ones pass away, we have to pull ourselves together in dealing with all kinds of trivial and complicated matters even we are sad. If there is no prior planning, we might be harmed twice by unwanted arrangement under a panic situation. In addition, without any reference to follow, family members that have different beliefs and opinions might stick to their own viewpoints, causing greater impact on the close relationship with the family.

Therefore, pre-planning and having a life contract with a trustworthy company is the best gift for our family members and also a perfect ending of our own journey of life. Bliss Corporation Sdn. Bhd. – A reliable and credible enterprise. Both of its Bliss Gardens and Bliss Care implement the concept and procedure of “affinity, encoffinment, funeral, burial and follow-up”. We are the best agent of life contract.

What are the importance and benefits of pre-planning life contract?

  1. Avoid leaving unexpected psychological and financial burden to the loved ones (spouse, children, etc.)
  2. Allow the whole family to have the opportunity to make the right decision under a rational circumstance.
  3. Pre-plan and schedule a desired funeral, according to one’s religious beliefs or preferences without rigidly adhere to the traditional ceremony.
  4. Plan and select the price according to one’s budget.
  5. Pay by instalments without financial pressure.
  6. Have a broader life with no worries

Everyone has the right to plan a perfect life, so make a reservation for your honor!

1.2 Services of Bliss Care

  1. Full Standard Ceremonial Service – Bliss family service package, Bliss beloved service package or Bliss filial service package.
  2. Customized Ceremonial Service – service package that can specially plan and design the ceremony, according to the client’s requirement.
  3. Life Contract Service – pre-planning that can purchase the package or customized service.
  4. Funeral ceremonial service consultation.


Funeral Service Concepts

Affinity:Enter into an early funeral service contract with the client, or negotiate the funeral ceremonial service package with the family of dearly departed.
Encoffinment :Transfer, clean, dress and encoffin the deceased body.
Funeral:Manage a funeral and memorial ceremony for the dearly departed using various services.
Burial:Conduct ground burial, or inurnment, sea burial, etc. after cremation of the deceased.
Follow-up:Other than providing grief counseling to the family, they will also be assisted on how to carry out certain subsequent worship rituals (such as the hundredth day after death, the first year after death, combining censer, death anniversary, etc.).淨樂关怀1